Our Story

Started since 2004, E Access Solutions (EAS.my) is a professional web design and total website development solutions company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Led by Mr. Kaven Neoh, EA-S.net is a creative hub with a team of enthusiastic designers who are dedicated to produce exceptional works for clients that looking for optimal results.

At EAS.my, we are not positioning ourself as a cheap web designer or affordable website development company. Rather, we claimed ourself as a creative company that delivers values to your marketing objectives. We are not as cheap as the one that advertise somewhere else for a total website building service with only 300 bucks, and we are not going to upsell you the flashy project that doesn't help much on achieving your marketing goals. Our objective is clear, to deliver the solution that produces results.

We are small, but it's doesn't speak our capability and strength, and it doesn't limit us to go as far as the big player. At EAS.my, we are delivering solutions and results as what you are expecting from those big guys, with the quality that many of our competitors are bashful of.

We are ready to share our best knowledge and work closely with you for the growth of your online business and development, how about you? Let's our truly personal experience be your lighthouse in your online adventure, rather than working with those tech geeks that just tell the theories